brain2Gabriela is a writer and theatre maker particularly interested in exploring alternative ways of storytelling. She uses new and open-source technologies as tools for creativity. Having completed an MA in Text and Performance (Distinction) from Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts/Birkbeck, she is currently writing her new play inspired by Astrid Lindgren’s book for children, Pippi Longstocking. She graduated from Birkbeck with a BA in Theatre Studies and English.


Zuzana is an interdisciplinary artist and theatre maker working with a range of media from drawing, sculpture to set/costume design and site specific theatrical installation – exploring a wide range of modern and traditional materials and processes through the lens of technology and science. She took a degree in History and Archives prior to the course in Set Design for Performance at St Martins. In her practice she combines traditional skills with open-source technology to create surreal and metaphorical environments.

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