Click on eleven objects to listen to stories of migrants to London.

Homeland(s): real and imagined

by CyberCitizens in collaboration with Londoners from around the world.

This interactive sound and visual installation project tells the stories of London through the voices of people who have made London their home.

The artwork displays a collection of objects inspired by our dialogue with the participants on themes of home, migration, language and identity. 11 talking objects narrate the participants’ experiences of departure and arrival from one home to another.

Incorporating touch sensors, the installation invites the audience to physically engage with the artwork activating fragments of the stories by human touch.

Using interactive technologies we wanted to capture the fluidity of identity and both randomness and intentionality of human interactions.

Many thanks to Zora, Robi, Barry, Jelena, Martin, Aris, Clara, Mara, Dieter, Rita and Jan who kindly shared their stories with us and who helped us make this exciting project happen.


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