A fun way to learn technology through drama and storytelling

CyberCitizens run a range of bespoke educational interdisciplinary workshops for children and people of all ages. The workshops range from one-day sessions aimed at introducing basic skills in the areas of robotics, electronics, puppetry, drama and storytelling, to intensive weekend and 5-day courses offering more in-depth skills. It has been designed with participants’ needs in mind, so the length and content of workshops can vary. Each workshop or a series of workshops consist of two stages focused on developing a different set of skills.

In Stage I, participants learn how to use emerging technologies in the creative process of puppet and prop making. They get hands-on with open-source technologies, and learn about computer science, robotics, electronics and puppetry.

In Stage II, participants learn how their newly acquired technical skills can be used to create interactive performance events. They are introduced to character and story-building, writing, facilitating and performing. We will bring the workshop to you and customise it to suit your own needs.

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